Friday, July 31, 2015

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for iPhones

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for iPhones

There's been a lot of hype recently about tempered glass screen protectors for iPhone.  iPhone screen repair services, a new industry has popped to help people protect their phones. The idea is if the phone doesn't break their screens, the iPhone screen repair won't be needed.

We hope to clarify some of the information around this exciting new product. Many people wonder do they really work?  How much do they cost? And where can they get one?

Do tempered glass screen protectors really work?

A few years ago people discovered by placing a thin plastic film over an iPhone screen you could reduce the chances of breaking. This actually really works. And the reason is a bit counterintuitive. iPhone screens break of course because of the trauma when we break and drop them. However, a new iPhone screen is actually stronger then one that is one or two years old. Why is that? It's because as we use our phones everyday, running our fingers across the screen, we made a tiny little scratches in the glass. Those scratches become weak spots. So when we drop our phones, those weak spots are where the shattering begins.

So now you see why the plastic protectors helped.  They helped us scratch our screens less. But those plastic screens were pretty awful. They would bubble, Collect dust, and get gross. And perhaps worst of the made our glossy screens no longer feel like iPhones.  And that's what's especially exciting about the new tempered glass screen protectors. Our phones still feel like iPhones when we install them. That's because they're made out of actual glass. They don't bubble anymore. Many times it's difficult to even see the tempered glass on the phone.

How must do tempered glass screen protectors cost?

Prices vary from vendor to vendor, but the average cost is about 20 bucks. When you consider an iPhone screen repair cost upwards of $130 dollars for an iPhone six, and even more for an iPhone 6+, it's a wise investment to make. Most vendors will install them for you. But they're not too tough to do it yourself either. He is remove all dust, And we mean old us, before you attend the installation. Even one tiny stack of dust under the screen will create a tiny bottle. And that bubble will drive you nuts.  So the best bet is to install it yourself on a new iPhone. Remember, those tiny micro scratches that happen?  Don't wait until they form to install the tempered glass screen protector.

Where can you get a tempered glass screen protector?

Temper glass screen protectors are available everywhere these days. That includes The local mall kiosk.  And great iPhone repair stores like RepairZoom in Irvine near Lake Forest and the Irvine Spectrum Center. Many stores like repair zoom Will allow you to have a discount on the tempered glass free protector if you buy it in conjunction with a bona fide iPhone screen repair.

Some day iPhones may not need this type of overlay protection. There has been a lot of hype in the market about new screens with new technologies such as Sapphire class iPhone screens. However it seems those innovations have faded away as the technology did not really pan out. So today we're left with the next best thing; fortifying our iPhone screens so they are stronger and less resistant to breakage.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

iPhone Repair Lake Forest, Irvine, and Aliso Viejo

iPhone Repair Lake Forest, Orange County, Irvine and in Aliso Viejo

It's not secret that getting an iPhone Repair in Orange County is easy.  There are many companies, kiosks, and even mobile companies offering iPhone repair services.  And there are all different qualities and price points in the county.  So how is a smart consumer to choose between all of the options available?  What if you need an iPhone repair Lake Forest or in Irvine?  Let's lay them out for you and sort out your options for help.

Expert iPhone Repair

The first thing to consider, is that you are not alone.  Millions of iPhones break and consumers must choose whether to keep them broken and just 'live with it', of the get the phone fixed.  You can consider going with stand alone repair companies like RepairZoom or iCorrect, and both companies provide you with very high quality repair solutions.  They are known for great customer service, high quality replacement parts, and offering free 're-repair' insurance at no extra cost.  RepairZoom in Irvine even offers free mail in repair services nationwide which are popular with consumers and larger organizations.

You can also try the mall-kiosk options.  Yea, those summer-break texting teenagers who say they can fix your phone in the middle of the mall while simultaneously texting their friends.  Some of these are inexpensive to be sure, but the low cost is often coming from cheap replacement parts and an avoidance of getting the proper licenses to do electronics repairs.  And there are many a harrowing story on Yelp of losing all your data, or even you entire phone, going with a mall-kiosk type repair.

Do It Yourself iPhone Repair

Browsing on the Internet, you can find many options for do-it-yourself repairs.  Of course, the videos make it look fast, inexpensive, and easy.  But the truth is, most people are not good a working with micro-tiny screws and parts are assembling consumer electronics.  It can be pretty overwhelming even in idyllic Orange County.

A good analogy is painting.  Have you ever painted a room and wondered just why it doesn't look so good when you finish?  It's not so difficult to just paint is it?  Well, there is actually a lot of expertise in painting properly... even though it looks easy.  That's similar to doing iPhone repair Aliso Viejo.  So avoid the iPhone repair lake forest kiosk kids.  It's just not the best solution.

AppleCare and AppleCare+ options for iPhone Repair

Apple provides a solution called AppleCare iPhone repair, and it has improved over the years.  The good - you will get Apple quality replacement parts and a warranty with the repair.  The bad - the cost will be expensive, you will likely have to wait a long time for the repair, and after 2 years you are back on your own with no warranty.  If you do not purchase AppleCare+, you get a courtesy grace period for a defective iPhone, but you do not get accidental repair service.  So you must pay if you crack your iPhone screen, and the current going rates are rumored to be nearly $250 for an iPhone 6+ screen repair.  That's not cheap.  And if you DO have AppleCare+, you had to pay $99 up front (or more) and then you must pay a $49 incident fee to get your accidental damage fixed.  Most consumer advocates say to skip the AppleCare+ and just get the phone fixed if you need the repair.  And the new AppleCare for business is supposed to be especially bad.  Why?  Because it only lasts 2 years... so if you break the phone after this, you wasted the money.  And independent repairs are cheap these days, so why pay for something you are not likely to need?

So there you go Orange County and communities.  iPhone repair Lake Forest options a-plenty!  Find the best solution for you and get that iPhone Screen repair attended to.  It is the 'OC' after all and looking good matters!