Wednesday, January 20, 2016

iPhone 6 GPS and Apple Pay Repair is now available in Irvine

Latest iPhone 6 Repairs Launched in Orange County

You may not know this but you can repair in operable GPS or Apple pay functionality on an iPhone 6.  And the services available right here in Irvine Orange County.

iPhone 6 GPS Repair

Beginning in January 2016, RepairZoom of Irvine California begin offering repairs for the"NFC" chip on the iPhone 6.  This vital internal component is what is responsible for providing the GPS functions for mapping and location routing on iPhone 6. Users are familiar with this function by using turn by turn directions in either apple maps, Google maps, or even third-party applications such as Waze.

If the module inside that controls GPS location Control on a continuous basis stops functioning properly, turn by turn directions and other real-time navigation functions just won't work properly. RepairZoom in Irvine California offers a complete iPhone 6 GPS repair functionality in a quick one hour repair process. And the good part is the cost of this repair is only $99.

iPhone 6 Apple Pay Repair

A second repair is also been launched at the same time. This repair focusses on repairing Apple Pay in the iPhone 6; correcting problems with this function so that checkout line errors do not occur. Consumers love apple pay, a product that was launched with the iPhone 6.  it enables Apple iPhone users to store credit cards inside their iPhone and use their touch ID function to pay wirelessly at Apple patent enabled check stands around the globe.  Sometimes this functionality does not work properly if the wireless communications inside fail.  Repair zoom can correct this by completely replacing the internal parts that control ApplePay.

Both repairs are now available by repair zoom mail order service or via walk-in service at the Irvine spectrum location at 16 Technology Drive in Irvine.

Repair zoom is a nationwide provider of repair solutions for iPhones, iPads, Samsung devices, MacBook computers, and many other electronic devices. Visit for the latest list of available repairs.


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