Tuesday, February 7, 2017

iPhone 6 Batteries and iPhone Batteries on iOS 10.2 in General

iPhone 6 Repair for batteries and overall iOS 10.2 battery issues

Our volume of requests for iPhone 6 repair for battery issues has skyrocketed in the past few months. We have seen about 10x the volume of customers calling and asking if we can replace their iPhone battery.  We CAN, however, we advise waiting for the next Apple iPhone 10.3 software update FIRST.

Did you know that anyone can be a Public BETA tester for iOS 10.3.  It's actually pretty easy by doing to this Apple BETA testers website to download a software update tool to your iPhone or iPad. Once this is on there... you will be able to download and test the new iOS BEFORE it becomes widely available and pushed to devices (typical iPhone software update process).

iOS 10.2.1 Battery Issue

It's widely known that iOS 10.2.1 is not Apple's finest software release.  Perhaps they are too busy working on their new spaceship headquarters building to focus right now... but many Apple watchers are highly disappointed in iOS and they unusually high number of software bugs in the iOS release.  In particular, there seems to be a major bug related to battery consumption and battery life.  This has been heavily written about by many.

Our strong advice for iPhone owners in Orange County, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo and others... WAIT for the next iOS software release called 10.3 BEFORE you spend any money to replace your battery.  If you can't wait, you can always get an inexpensive battery at OC's top iPhone repair company, RepairZoom in Irvine, for fast and inexpensive repairs.