Saturday, August 22, 2020

iPhone 12 rumors heating up around Repair Shops in Irvine

iPhone 11 Repair in Irvine

 iPhone 12 rumors heating up around Repair Shops in Irvine

The iPhone 12 is coming out soon and the rumors are heating up on sites like Forbes and others anticipating the launch of the 12th Generation iPhone.  Many leaks and rumors continue about the design of the new Apple iPhone as well as the colors, launch date, and marketing plans.

The design of the iPhone 12 seems most likely to follow the conventions established for the iPad and iPad Pro family of products.  The iPad 11 Pro is most likely a good comparison to the iPhone 12 and will be used to discover repair techniques on the iPhone 12 as well.  Shops like RepairZoom in Irvine have already been repairing the iPhone 11 and iPad 11 repairs for many months... and already know the challenges with FaceID and other issues for the squared off designs associated with the iPhone if it takes a more squared off shape.

For folks living in Orange County and Laguna Beach or the Irvine or Mission Viejo area, RepairZoom is open for business, even during Covid and the challenges we are all facing as a result.  The iPhone 12 will likely be released right in the midst of the pandemic and many Apple Stores may still be closed, causing Apple to rely on 3rd party repair facilities to assist with their repair processes.  RepairZoom is open for business and can help.

If you need a repair on iPhone 11, iPhone X or XS Max, of course RepairZoom can help with that need as well.  But if you choose to wait through until the iPhone 12 arrives, as many consumers are choosing to do, you will likely be one of the first to have the much anticipated upgrade.  With 5G and improvements throughout the iPhone with the A15 chip inside, you will get lightning fast connection speeds and processing ability that rivals many laptop computers, even Apple's own Mac and iMac line from just a few years ago.